Would You Like To Be Healthy?

Healthier way started life as a book in 2015 that outlined a 5-point philosophy, that if followed would lead to an improvement in both health and well-being.  It was not about being evangelical or angry or going to the extremes of both diet and exercise. It was about a balanced approach to your health but in a way that provides down to earth insights on why many of us don’t seem able to make this work.  With a second book published and reviews, recipes and training videos, Healthier Way is today your online portal to a healthier, better you.

Reviews, Recipes & Training

Healthier Way: A simplified guide

Healthier Way: A simplified guide brings you the original 5-point philosophy (Calorie Balance, Eat Healthy, Goal Setting, Move More, Realism and Willpower) but distills it down into an easy to read, concise format.  With helpful hints and tips and plenty of guidance on how to stay fit and healthy for the long term the new simplified guide is the go-to book as you start you journey to a healthier, better you.  

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